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Life story
April 10, 2004
Born on April 10, 2004.
January 28, 2008
Passed away on January 28, 2008.
April 10, 2008
I apologize itself there are in the text errors with the English language, I do not it I dominate language and I use programs for translate the words. I always expect that the persons be able to myself help to correct those errors for that I learn how.

Today Donatello would complete 4 little years, and today the memories do not leave my mind.

Donatello was the first unreliable one that I bought, and therefore he always will be my primogenitor, my baby boy.

My first ferret Xereta (translation: very-very curious girl-nusy) arrived with 3 years to my house, brought by my fiancé that lived in Orlando-U.S.A. some years.

She arrived in December,2003 and in February,2004; I did an orders by internet site, of an unreliable sable male in the chocolate color. Donatello was bought before even of be born. In the Marshall certificate is evident date of his birth 10.04.2004. In the day 14.06.2004, (a Monday) I received the call phone that he there was I arrive and was a search him, Donatello did not it arrive stayed in Pet Shop exposition.

He was stinking and there were excrements by all their by the, a lot frightened and was so small and fragile that barely did not obtain be maintained in their own legs, dragged their belly by the ground, and I had that clears-him with scarves moistened for that done not stay roast with their own urine.

In the third day after his arrival, obtained to go up in my bed, and did of her the preferred place. There of top observed the world to his return and stayed a long time looking after the window glass, the heaven, the birds, the planes.

In July,2005 - My fiancé changed from city and caused to Xereta with him, and I resolved that Donatello should have another ferret for joke, and I ended up buy the Mina that was in a Pet Shop there is 1 year and two months, nobody it bought because she bit too the human hands, but with the Donatello she was extremely candy and they gave so well, that not I imported myself in lead some bites, since the Donatello never there was me bitten.

I know that each unreliable is special, but Donatello was more special still, had an energy, a halo that infected to everybody that they knew him. It had a look that soul penetrated, and barely could we read his thoughts inside his pretty black eyes. Always it looked straightly in the eyes, as that wanting to send telepathic messages.

It learned how to recognize the noise of the keys in the entrance, and whenever heard, vine receives us when we arrived in the apartment.

It had his days of unreliable, joking of fight with his bears or his brothers, or then itself amusing in the rice box that so much worshipped. But it had also his days of infant, to the night when I were sleeping, went up in my bed, hampers under the sheet and pied to bed its head about the my foot, as he went the it's pillow. I always woke up with his little nose chilled, but continued motionless, leaving that he slept there in the my foot, felt me carried out as its mother, because in that gesture, felt the as much as one he trusted in me, and the as much as one liked me, for want to sleep with me.

Donatello liked humans, as much as liked ferrets, the thing that he more liked to be to of that the humans itched his belly whereas the ferrets he liked that bit its belly.

In August,2007 Donatello was weighing 1.900 Kg, and sometimes when we grabbed the lap he began it emit moaned of pain. Since the arrival of Donatello-to that date, always we knew that Donatello was physically unlike the others ferrets, their legs were shorter than the standard, and the extra weight were committing their column, causing pain.
Like this we had that put-him in a based on medicine diet, for that diminished his appetite, that was voracious. Donatello was fed religiously to each 4/5 hours. In a month he already began it loses weight and we stop with the medicine. Even with all that hunger, Donatello never ate an ONLY treat, never liked, in the first year of life, bit several pieces of fruits, bananas, oranges, papaya and potato's and broccoli, afterwards alone liked to-smell them with a certain frequency. In November,2007 his weight was of 1,600 Kg and we were happy because he was apparently well, obtained once again enter in the pipe and run and jump as any ferret. But his excrements began it stayed strange and stinking and after several exams the diagnosis was of that its pancreatic disorders were not producing enzymes for digestion. New medicines, more exams, and the excrements were being transformed in diarrhea , his weight arrived to 900 grs, and I had that intern-him for that receives serum during 3 days. When it was a visit-him his state was deplorable was all roasted due be in counted straight with its excrements, and I foretell him be of that should be deed an exploratory surgery for diagnose which its illness.

He were taking diverse medicines such as the penicillin, but no worked. Like this I removed him of in clinical practice in the end of week and brought him home with the hope of that in the Monday I would find a new prognostic with another veterinary. In the Sunday to the night Donatello did not obtain maintain more the corporal temperature and I pied to bed in the ground and put him in my chest for heat him like this we pass the early morning, and the 6:30 he passed away, (Monday)

I asked that went deed to necropsy, for try to understand because I to have lost mine precious boy. And the decision was still devastating, Donatello passed away of Difficulty breathing , he to have caught a Pneumonia (Bacterial) a that the penicillin did not fight and also located Exocrine Pancreatic Carcinoma

Donatello was a love link in my family. With him ourselves come back it be an kids, to soft speech, it joke, it smile. In corner the apartment that looked, there are several remembrances that comes memory, healthy remembrances loved, but healthy alone remembrances, the absence of their spirit, of their soul, of their affection, of their look, cause a pressure in the chest, a so big pain, that words cannot express, but the persons can feel our sorrow.

It thanks my baby boy; you always will be remembered as a true blood son, to who I loved completely my heart.

Donatello - In Loving Memory



don_288.jpg picture by Tetello

The love grows stronger
Although we have you no longer
In our hearts you remain
We console ourselves in the memories we obtain
All your love and strenght we will contain
I Love you my baby boy and with your love I can sustin any pain
All our love grows in each drop of tear


Etched In My Heart

Forever in my Heart will be your smile.
That you always shared with us all.
Forever ,will be your gentle ways And your loving heart
Who taught me to be who I am.
Because of you I know I can be even stronger .
Because In spite of the pain you had you always managed to smile.
You were so strong of will and spirit.
donatello_ceu15.jpg picture by Tetello
Because of you I know that little things can be precious.
Because of you I appreciate life and all it encompasses.
Every time a tear falls, Its a memory its a gesture its something that reminds me of you .
So with every tear I will never forget you. We will never forget you!
So etched in my heart you will remain forever and I will have all the memories and good times we shared.
I asked god to hold you in his hands and guide you for I know we all saw you suffer and you will suffer no more .
I know you are my angel who will help me and be there for me .
So forever etched in my heart and tied to my soul you will be.
I will always be your mommy.

♥웃♥*The life led you for far from me, but 'NOT' inside me ..

vela_donatello.gif Vela Donatello picture by Tetello

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Donatello


April, 10, 2004. † January 28,2008.




don039.jpg picture by Tetello

donatello_ceu7.jpg picture by Tetello

I miss you so much - We will always remenber you
I love you and i miss you my baby boy - You made everyday special - Thousand Kisses in 4 years anniversary